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Analytics Enabled Outsourcing

Excalibur Data Driven Performance Management provides outsourcing solutions, whether on a specified assigned portion of the Receivable, or for the entire A/R, using the following discipline and methods:

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Full Back-end Revenue Cycle Business Process Outsourcing

For Clients that have a need for extensive, or full Business Process Outsourcing, Excalibur can provide a traditional operating model, serving as a full and seemless extension of the provider, to include:

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  • Cash Application and Controls
  • Revenue Cycle Systems and Controls
  • Call Center and Self Pay Receivables Management
  • Government and Non Government Payer Receivables Management
  • Payment Discrepancy Resolution Management
    1. Denial Prevention and Recovery
    2. Underpayments
    3. Credit Balance Resolution
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Self-Pay Outsourcing and Bad Debt Controls

Excalibur is an industry leader in understanding the use of predictive analytics, scoring and advanced segmentation strategies to ‘engage the right patient, at the right time, with the right technique’ to resolve balances, increase cash and create a delightful and empathetic patient experience.

Additionally, Excalibur includes a wholly dedicated Bad Debt Controls analyst (or for larger clients, a team of analytsts) to daily ensure the proper controls, pacing, forecasting and income statement and balance sheet awareness is inculturated in the team relative to managing Bad Debt Expense.

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Payment Discrepancy Resolution

Denials, Credits, & Underpayments

Payment discrepancies, whether in the form of denials or underpayments, have the most harmful impact on the Income Statement. Excalibur provides a centralized Payment Discrepancy Resolution Team that manages three functions on behaf of its Client Partners:

Payment Discrepancies will be managed in a cross-functional, holistic manner and integrate closely with Finance on Expected Reimbursement and related Net Revenue topics.

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Legacy AR Run-out Services

Excalibur provides Legacy Run Out services whereby a dedicted team of Gov, Non Gov and (as desired) Self Pay Representatives understand the overall conversion strategy, and passionately endeavor to liquidate and resolve a fix book of ‘legacy A/R’.

Excalibur offers creative pricing to include ‘per touch’, ‘per resolved account’, ‘cost+’ or other approaches to ensure that Excalibur is a positive part of a very expensive and stressful conversion initiative.

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Digital Patient Experience

Similar to other industries, patients are changing the way they consume information is consumed.

The standard ‘dialing for dollars’ approach to engaging Patients is quickly giving way to ‘texting and bots with drop downs for interactive forms and slick online payment portals.

However, this is not absolute for ‘all patients’. Excalibur, understanding the diverse makeup of the patient population and that ‘one size does not fit all’ offers analytics-driven patient engagement strategies ranging from classic hard copy statements and outbound dialer campaigns to customized text and email based approaches. Excalibur will continue to manage the balance between the Provider’s financial vitality and a positive, empathetic patient experience in all of its methods and approaches.

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Small Balance Gov and Non-Gov Receivables

Excalibur possesses deep industry subject matter exptertise on how to rapidly assess, stratify, prioritize and resolve large volumes of small balance accounts on behalf of its Client Partners.

By understanding the critical pathway of an account, using smart automation and segmentation, Excalibur can serve this special niche on in a budget sensitive fashion that solves the unique Small Balance problem without grossly hurting the Provider’s cost-to-collect.

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Virtual Patient Access and Pre Processing

The Revenue Cyle begins even before the creation of a charge.. It begins during Scheduling.

Excalibur aids Providers in their Front End Financial Securement strategy through the partial or complete outsourcing of all front end functional areas to include:

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  • Creative approaches to solving staffing challenges through Kiosk, videochat or other remote, virtual registration services.
  • Insurance Verification
  • Benefits Calculations
  • Pre Authorization
  • Patient Portion Estimates and Patient No Suprises Act (s) compliance
  • Resolution of upstream fatal Bill Holds and defects
  • Outbound Financial Counseling patient engagement strategies.
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Distressed AR

Work Comp and TPL

Excalibur understands that its Client Partners have fixed, limited budgets for internal staffing and want to focus energy and talent on portions of the A/R that carry a higher liquidity. Therefore, Excalibur collaborates to provide poin solutions on less desireable Receivables using creative, budget friendly pricing approaches. Excalibur can customize the solution to meet the Client’s needs with examples including: